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Vegan Inks

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Vegan Inks

Vegan Tattoo Inks


Mystic Lounge Tattoo inks pass the all regulations in Europe and compliant with all EU quality standards. The inks we use all meet the requirements of the Vegan clients.

The Inks we use are the fuel that ignite the next generation of Tattooing and will set the work of our tattoo artists for the coming years.

We offer the best Vegan Tattoo Ink on the market.

Our inks are non-toxic and animal cruelty-free.
The tattoo ink that we make use of, not only passes all guidelines in relations to health and safety but is also vegan friendly.

Mystic Lounge Tattoo artist not only look out for your safety but we also look out for your skin and most importantly that the inks we use are cruelty-free products. None of the inks we use contains animal products and was never tested on animals.

Vegan Tattoo Inks

There are a number of benefits in using Vegan Tattoo Ink.

Animals have never been subjected to testing for the inks we use. There are no traces of animal products.

For more information about our vegan ink, please contact us.

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