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Do I have to book an appointment to get tattooed?

Mystic Lounge Tattoo has not succumbed to the trend of an ‘appointment only’ system and ‘walk ins’ are always welcome for smaller tattoos (subject to availability). However, to avoid disappointment we would always recommend that you book an appointment.

How do I book an appointment?

Mystic Lounge Tattoo is able to take appointments via Email, phone or by person. While you are welcome to email us images, ideas and general enquiries, you will need to come in and discuss your tattoo in order for us to look at body placement, take measurements and estimate how long the tattoo will take, or give quote.
We also require a deposit (minimum £50 for tattoos up to 2 hours and £150 for tattoos over 3 hours) when taking a booking, which is necessary to secure your appointment. Your deposit contributes towards the cost of your tattoo and to keep your appointment and is strictly non refundable.

Can I cancel or change my appointment?

At Mystic Lounge Tattoo we require a minimum of 48 hours’ notice should you wish to reschedule your appointment. If you decide to cancel your appointment you will lose your deposit.
Only if you give at least 48 hours’ notice we can credit your deposit to your next appointment with Mystic Lounge Tattoo. Should you give less than 48 hours’ notice to reschedule, you will lose the deposit.

What is the deposit for?

You need to leave a deposit to secure your appointment. This is non-refundable, but it will be deducted from the final cost of your tattoo/piercing. You need to call the shop or make any changes to appointments in person. We cannot accept any changes via email.

How Can I drink alcohol or take medication before a treatment?

Absolutely not!! If you turn up for an appointment in any way intoxicated, we will refuse to tattoo you and you will lose your deposit.

What ink do you use?

All Mystic Lounge Tattoo ink’s brands are vegan. Our inks are non-toxic and animal cruelty-free. Our tattoo ink not only passes all health and safety guidelines but is also vegan friendly. Our Vegan Tattoo ink is compliant with all EU quality standards and meets the requirements of the Vegan community around the world.

How much will my tattoo cost?

Large custom work is charged by the hour and smaller pieces are priced individually. Factors such as the level of detail, the positioning of the tattoo and complexity of the design will all affect the amount of work involved. Unfortunately we are unable to give quotes over the phone, but we may be able to give an estimate quote via email. You will need to come in and discuss your tattoo, at which point we will be in a position to give you an exact quote. Note: Tattoos services are STRCTLY NOT refundable. only a touch up is offered during the 45 days from the tattoo.

To make a tattoo does it hurt?

Pain is very subjective and each person experiences their tattoo in a different way. In general we can assure you, it is more of a discomfort than scream out loud pain and if you pay attention to your artist’s instructions and you are in a relaxed frame of mind it will pass more swiftly and in some cases can even prove enjoyable.

What do I have to design a tattoo or you will do that?

We like you to have a good idea of what you want and it helps to put together a scrap book or mood board of images to help show us the direction you want to take. Our artists will draw and design on your behalf and the cost of this is absorbed into your tattoo. The artists will only start working on your design once you have placed a deposit to secure an appointment.

Can I have the tattoo inked anywhere in the body?

Although it is possible to tattoo anywhere on the body, our artists will advise you on this and if they are not comfortable with either your motivation or understanding they may refuse to tattoo you. We will not tattoo hands or necks without a face to face consultation We are really happy to discuss all of this with you if you would like to pop in for a chat.

What should I bring to the consultation?

Mystic Lounge Tattoo advise that you bring pictures and references to your consultation so we can get a good idea of the design and style you want. Please bring in hard copies and not pictures on your phone. If you have no picture, please walk in and we can help to design your tattoo, or let you choose among thousands of tattoo templates.

What is the minimum age you can get tattooed?

It is against the law to tattoo anyone in the UK under the age of 18, even with your parent’s permission! (Tattooing of Minors Act 1969). If we have any doubts you will be asked for photo I.D. Please do not be offended if we do. We will not Tattoo anyone who appears to be drunk or stoned as you will be turned away.

Do you do cover-ups?

Mystic Lounge Tattoo work with cover-ups, however we would need to see you for a consultation to determine if this is the best option for you.

Do you accept credit/debit cards?

Yes! There is a minimum £50 charge.

Can I bring friends with me to my appointment?

Mystic Lounge Tattoo don’t recommend bringing groups of friends along. Most during the Corona virus period. We have limited space and our reception area is to accommodate clients waiting on appointments and those making bookings. Friends will not be permitted into the tattooing area and they can be a distraction and disruptive to the process. If, however, you wish to have a friend present for support we will allow them to wait with you until you are settled with your artist, after which they would probably be better coming back towards the end of your appointment.

How do I look once my tattoo is finished?

You will be given clear printed after care instructions when you arrive for your tattoo. The artist will go through it all again at the end as there are minor variations to the basic instructions and it is important to follow the artist’s advice carefully.

Are you licenced tattoo and do you have sufficient needle disposal in place?

Yes, we are a fully licensed studio and pride ourselves on having excellent levels of cleanliness. All of our needles are one-use disposables and our artists follow strict health and safety guidelines.

Can I exercise with a new tattoo?

Exercise is fine, as long as the area is not knocked. Contact sports e.g Rugby are generally not advised until fully healed, due to the risk of knocking off scabs. swimming is not advised for at least 3 weeks. After exercise make sure you wash the area with warm water and PH balance soap.

How do I get to you?

We’re located in the heart of Reading, in Friar Street. We are just 3 minutes walking from Reading train station and the main high street.

What are your opening hours?

We are open 7 days a week

Monday 10am-7pm

Tuesday to Friday 10am-7pm

Saturday 10am-6pm

Sunday & Bank Holidays 11am-6pm

What are the guidelines for getting tattooed during COVID 19?

Please arrive on time for your appointment, as we may not be operating a waiting area during this time.
Please also try to come alone, we are unable to cater for extra guests during this time.
On arrival at the studio the door will be locked.
A staff of Mystic Lounge tattoo may take your temperature at the door.
Please use the hand-sanitisation provided on entering the studio
You will be required to wear a face mask
Please aim to minimise layers of clothing and accessories (coats, scarfs, hats and jewellery).
We will be unable to provide refreshments during this time. Please bring your own water bottle to your appointment.
Please complete our digital consent form which will be emailed to you. Please complete this 1 hour before your appointment to minimise waiting room time.

What precautions are in place during the COVID 19?

All of our artists will be required to wear face masks during your appointment. Stations have been reduced to allow social distancing. Hands wash sanitizers used all the time. And all the equipment’s are cleaned are sterilized.

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